Tri hita karana to prevent environmental

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Tri hita karana to prevent environmental

Charming beaches with temples panoramas that used to be everlasting and sacral zed do not indicate the hearts breathe of Bali anymore at this time. Tri Hita Karana THK Awards and Accreditation is an initiative base on local philosophy about harmony which implement at the promoting sustainability development become tools to prevent the impact of tourism development for nature and culture in Bali.

Starting atthan the program become famous because of the increasing commitment of tourism industry to follow this program.

Bali Travel Newspapers Vol. I No. 2 - [PDF Document]

The growth of sustainability development needs in the coastal region is one of the successful targets from this program. If they are combined, THK means three things that make us secure and prosperous.

Tri hita karana to prevent environmental

THK is universal and has totality characteristics comprising macrocosms, but it does not become smaller for an island, a territory, a village, a house, a building or even for the human self. This board was then renamed Prajaniti Hindu of Indonesia and officially inaugurated in In the struggle arena of Hindu devotees, Prof.

I Wayan Mertha Suteja introduced formulation of the three aspects that could make life prosperity, namely Widhimanusa humanbhuwana earth or nature. THK in this context can imply the balanced life attitude between devotional services to God, dedication and mutual service to fellow human, maintaining the welfare of physical environment based on yajna.

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In other words, humans as social creatures can achieve life happiness both materially and spiritually if he can establish harmony of relation with God, fellow human and nature in whole unity based on yajna.

THK elements in the universe macrocosm comprises physical environment; human as activator of nature; and God that brings life to the universe.

Humans or microcosms as creations of God constitutes a small part of immeasurable an unlimited macrocosm, an ultimate and eternal source of energy. Relations between macrocosm and microcosm or Paramatman and Atman is a mutual causality.

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In creating, God never leaves His creation, but inspires His wyapi-wyapaka. This causal relation is signified in the THK concept to make it stay harmonious like a precious stone in a ring, fetus and the uterus kadi manik ring cucupu—in Balinese language.

According to Hinduism, the universe along with its content is the creation of God. THK concepts mandates in order that the relation between God and His creation remains harmonious, concordant and balanced.

One of the ways to maintain the harmony and balance of these relation is by the development of spatial arrangement culture of which realization has the capacity for the three foremost aspects pertaining to luan-teben concept sacred-profane.

Tri mandala means zonal division into three, namely utama mandala the most sacred zone or jeroanmadya mandala intermediate zone or jaba tengah for residential buildings; nista mandala outermost zone, the most profane, or in Balinese known as jaba sisi, teba, lebuh or telajakan.


In the spatial arrangement patterns of customary villages in Balitri and sanga mandala are reflected into sacred or house worshiping zones; residential or villagers association zones and activity zones. So, parhyangan is not just a physical building sanctum but Atman that originates from Paramatman and abides in these sanctums—temples, ancestral shrines and the like for the Hindu community.

Then, its pawongan aspect is the human element of the hotel management owner, management, employeescustomer, supplier and competitor—not its hotel building.

Ultimately, the palemahan aspect is the sarira element, namely the entire hotel territory land, building, plants, animals and other physical facilities. If they are analogized to the human body, the head part is utamaning angga, body madyaning angga and feet nistaning angga.share on facebook.

share on facebook. share on twitter. Here in Bali, there is the concept of Tri Hita Karana which means three causes of happiness. One of them is to maintain relationships with fellow human beings in order to remain in harmony.


The same thing goes for democracy. Development of tourism accommodation is often put aside the concept of Tri Hita Karana, namely the human relationship with God, man's relationship to man, and man's relationship with the environment.

A systematic environmental management and integrated carried out to preserve the environment and prevent pollution and environmental damage. Hospitality sector becomes one of the excellent economic growth in Bali as Bali becomes one of the world best tourism destinations.

Bali, in fact is a destination where the largest hotel opening project growth compared to other potential. balance of life, harmony based on the philosophy of Tri Hita Karana. And the development And the development of tourism objects and attractions should be carried out by considering: (1) the capability to.

Chairman of the Tri Hita Karana Foundation, Wisnu Wardana explains that there are about 90% of hotels in Bali that do not follow the concept of Tri Hita Karana. Ladies and Gentlemen, now I would like to explain my second reason that tourism can commercialize the temple.

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