Texting friend or foe

Contrary to the opinion of many, texting and other forms of instant messaging do not suppress the development of language in young people, but rather enhance language abilities and create new methods of communication. Thanks to the progress of five years of studies and research in academia, the beneficial impact that texting has on the quality and progression of linguistic skills in texters is slowly being acknowledged and appreciated.

Texting friend or foe

Share via Email Vandalism? Teenager texting on a mobile phone. Martin Godwin Last year, in a newspaper article headed "I h8 txt msgs: How texting is wrecking our language", John Humphrys argued that texters are "vandals who are doing to our language what Genghis Khan did to his neighbours years ago.

They are destroying it: And they must be stopped. According to John Sutherland of University College London, writing in this paper init is "bleak, bald, sad shorthand.

Texting is penmanship for illiterates. Scares accompanied the introduction of the telegraph, telephone, and broadcasting. But has there ever been a linguistic phenomenon that has aroused such curiosity, suspicion, fear, confusion, antagonism, fascination, excitement and enthusiasm all at once as texting?

And in such a short space of time. Less than a decade ago, hardly anyone had heard of it. Text communicated by pagers were replaced by text messages, at first only 20 characters in length. It took five years or more before numbers of users started to build up.

What is the abbreviation for Friend or Foe?

The average number of texts per GSM customer in was 0. The slow start, it seems, was because the companies had trouble working out reliable ways of charging for the new service. But once procedures were in place, texting rocketed.

In the UK, in This had doubled byand was forecast to be 45bn in On Christmas Day alone inover m texts went out. World figures went from 17bn in to bn in They passed a trillion in People think that the written language seen on mobile phone screens is new and alien, but all the popular beliefs about texting are wrong.

Its graphic distinctiveness is not a new phenomenon, nor is its use restricted to the young. There is increasing evidence that it helps rather than hinders literacy. And only a very tiny part of it uses a distinctive orthography.While recently visiting a few physician offices where texting is commonplace among physicians and staff, I asked staff whether they were following the HIPAA safeguards for texting.

Most often, the answer was met with “Sure, . Lacey Mac-Rhyann Alexis Nelson English 21 February Texting: Friend or Foe?

As my Japanese friend Naho boarded the plane that would bring her back to her native island country, I yelled, “Be sure to contact me when you get there!”.

- Texting: Friend or Foe? Essay introduction! ” Twelve hours later, I was pleased – and not at all surprised – to receive a simple farewell text message with a picture of Naho and her family, then sent her a reply within seconds.

Texting, Friend or Foe? Affecting Grammar Lol Rofl Ttyl Watsup Nm G2g Teachers are afraid that texting is taking it's toll on students because the are handing in Essays with Texting Shortcuts.

A Cell Phone in the Classroom: A Friend or a Foe? Averianova Irina* texting as the primary form of writing and cell phones as the top writing platform. “A Cell phone in the Classroom: A Foe or a Friend”? The EUROCALL Review. Proceedings of the EUROCALL Conference. Vol. 20, pp. I often hear teachers tell me that phone texting has really damaged people's writing, especially spelling, abilities.

What do you think? Leecy.

Texting friend or foe
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