Swot analysis of amazon com

We are guided by four principles: In each of our segments, we serve our primary customer sets, consisting of consumers, sellers, developers, enterprises, and content creators. We serve consumers through our retail websites and physical stores and focus on selection, price, and convenience. We design our websites to enable hundreds of millions of unique products to be sold by us and by third parties across dozens of product categories.

Swot analysis of amazon com

The SWOT Analysis identifies the internal strategic factors strengths and weaknesses and external strategic factors opportunities and threats that influence the business.

Swot analysis of amazon com

A SWOT analysis of Amazon shows the strengths that the company uses to overcome its weaknesses and the threats to its e-commerce business, so as to maximize the benefits from exploiting opportunities in the market. To maximize the benefits of having the highest revenues in the online retail industry, Amazon must ensure that it continues to effectively address the concerns shown in this SWOT Analysis.

Amazon also has other concerns, such as cybercrime and imitation, as shown in this SWOT analysis of the e-commerce company. In the SWOT Analysis model, this aspect enumerates the internal strategic factors that the company uses to grow its business.

SWOT Analysis of Amazon

The following strengths support the success and ongoing growth of Amazon: Strong brand Extensive product mix Highest revenues in the industry Amazon. This strength is partly responsible for the rapid growth of the business in its early years.

For example, it enables the company to invest in new business ventures or in new product development. This aspect of the SWOT Analysis model outlines the internal strategic factors that impose difficulties in growing the business.

In the case of Amazon, the following weaknesses are most significant: Easily imitable business model Limited penetration in developing markets Limited brick-and-mortar presence Amazon. For example, other firms could easily establish an online retail website that sells just about anything. Also, Amazon generates most of its revenues from developed countries, such as the United States.

When other firms become fully established in developing markets, it would be difficult for Amazon to penetrate and compete in such markets. External Strategic Factors There are a variety of opportunities available to Amazon.

SWOT Analysis of Amazon

In the SWOT Analysis model, this aspect identifies the external strategic factors that the firm could use to grow its business. Amazon has the following opportunities related to the e-commerce market: Penetrate developing markets Expand brick-and-mortar business Boost measures to reduce counterfeit sales Amazon has the opportunity to penetrate developing markets.

The company also has the opportunity to open more brick-and-mortar stores to improve competitiveness against large retailers with significant brick-and-mortar presence, such as Walmart [Read: Moreover, one of the issues facing Amazon. This condition presents an opportunity for the company to improve its technological measures and organizational policies to address counterfeit sales.

For example, an automated process for consumer reports and product evaluation could help reduce the amount of counterfeit products sold on the website. External Strategic Factors Amazon faces a number of significant threats in the online retail market.

External strategic factors that reduce business performance are considered in this aspect of the SWOT Analysis model.

Cybercrime Imitation Aggressive competition with large retail firms Cybercrime threatens practically every online retail company. Amazon must keep stringent measures to counteract cybercrime attacks against its online operations. For example, the company must intensify its network security efforts.

Moreover, aggressive competition is an issue against Amazon. Large retail firms, such as Walmart, are continuing their efforts in improving their online retail presence.A SWOT Analysis of the e-retail giant Amazon () Online retail has grown exponentially in the last decade. At the forefront of this growth is Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN).

Swot analysis of amazon com

Amazon SWOT Analysis Posted on August 2, by John Dudovskiy SWOT is an acronym for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats related to organizations. SWOT Analysis of Amazon #Introduction: Amazon is the leading e-commerce brand of the world and a leading cloud player too which was incorporated in Washington first in the year and then in Delaware in Amazon SWOT analysis.

Strengths in Amazon SWOT Analysis.

Amazon SWOT analysis

1. Amazon is an undisputed market leader in online retail segment. In the US, the e-commerce giant earned USD 37 billion in Q4, alone, a 42% increase compared to a previous year. Sales made by Amazon in accounted to 44% of all e-commerce sales in US, or about 4% of total sales made in the country.

SWOT Analysis of caninariojana.com mbalectures December 9, January 22, Comments caninariojana.com Inc (AMZN) is a leading multinational electronic commerce company and one of the most trafficked Internet retail destinations worldwide.

Amazon SWOT analysis Strengths. 1. Low cost structure, the largest merchandise selection and a huge number of third party sellers. Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world.

In , the company earned US$ billion purely from online sales, more than any other retailer in the world. [1].

Amazon SWOT Analysis - strengths and weaknesses