Reading log twilight

November 22, Most of us can say we went through this or a similar phase. Before I start I just wanted to say this is not a jab at people who like the saga. You like what you want to like, but this just a time that I took my liking for the series a bit too far.

Reading log twilight

I want a book that contains: All of the above also translates to: But, one that completely transported me in time and space the way Twilight did? However, I did mention there were a few, and here they are, a bunch of books that helped me getting over the post-Twilight void, and hopefully will help you getting over yours too: And I am so glad I chose this one, because I loved it from start to finish.

But trust me, I was equally sceptical! Beautiful and heartfelt story! Never did I think that any fictional character could rival Edward in Twilight. Well, Jace sure did.

While reading this series I could not think about anything else.

Reading log twilight

Mostly because I had problems relating to the protagonist Rose. But, if you are experiencing the same issues as me, do not quit after the first book, because it does get better. Instead this is a dystopian fiction, cruel and brutal. How did that series end up here you might ask? Consumed to the point that I could not leave the bloody book even for a trip to the bathroom or something to eat.

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Let me tell you, once you start this book, there is no turning back. Snyder Once again, no vampires, instead there is magic. One reason for that. One of the best sizzling romances I have ever read apart from Twilight.Starts July 1st!This is a four month read-a-long for the Twilight series starting in July!

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Reading log twilight

Reading the End Bookcast, BONUS: A Roundtable on Genderbent Twilight Today is a very blessed Wednesday, because we are bringing you a bonus episode with not one! but two! special guests. This was an excellent topic to practise social skills using everyday English.

After showing the relevant clips from 'Twilight' I presented the worksheet. You can easily set 'gist' questions and this worked really well with my teenage learners.

It's an ideal springboard for conversation and it 5/5(3). Reading and reviewing YA materials for my this assignment has only served to wet my appetite, and I am excited to keep reading the wonderful array of materials currently being published in the YA genre.

Project by Erika Desonie Twilight summer reading project This diamond represents how Edward's skin sparkles in the sun. This is important to the book because his sparkling skin is part of what distinguishes him as a vampire.

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