Landscape architecture thesis statement

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Landscape architecture thesis statement

Well, I realized that I have yet to post my Thesis Statement. So for what its worth, here are the statements that back up my thesis along with my abstract. Articulation of significant residuals Project Statement: Adaptive use of the historic Dallas High School into a market place with emphasis on significant residuals.

Architecture should not petrify forms, nor should it deny their existence. The existing context and its character should be encouraged to evolve and transform, thus establishing a connected sense of being and a management of environmental change. The synergy of a traditional market can be infused into a contemporary mixed use facility and exploited via the use of transparency.

By unfolding the landscape, and through careful exploitation of the existing circulation networks, the current void in the Dallas Central Business District will be transformed into a vibrant place of commerce. The adaptive reuse of an existing 98, square foot facility into a mixed use market place providing restaurant facilities, grocery, market cafe, retail, vendors, business offices, and necessary parking.

In what ways does architecture affect the human sense of time? How are connections to the past and the future made, and how do they affect the present world in which we live? The past is currently either purified or razed to make way for the future.

A sense of time is either petrified or destroyed, resulting in a confusing and disconnected sense of being. A sense of being is ultimately defined by expired time, the time that is yet to be, and awareness of the current time. The personal image of time is paramount in the well-being of society and the proper management of change.

Therefore, architecture is a key factor in the reciprocal relationship between environmental change and the image of time.

The motivation for this thesis is an attempt to bridge the gap between nihilistic and nostalgic thought. A reconciling of extreme perspectives to preserve a sense of time in a volatile context of computers and communication technologies, massive redevelopment of the physical environment, and social and cultural spaces that are continually made unrecognizable.

The author will argue that a desirable sense of place is one that celebrates the present while simultaneously establishes connections with both the past and the future.

This project specifically focuses on the adaptive use of the historical Dallas High School. As a stable fixture in the Dallas Central Business district sincethe high school has survived two world wars, The Great Depression, numerous functional reorganizations, political battles, and recent attempts to raze the original structure.

As the structure nears its one hundredth birthday it is in desperate need of an effective plan of transformation in order to secure its survival in the twenty first century.

Research for this project includes continual communication with former students of the school who make up The Dallas Tech Alumni Association. Numerous texts on preservation, restoration, adaptive reuse, and human psychology will be compared to generate an optimal solution in the management of change.

Case studies of recent architectural projects will be consulted for references in form, facility, and context issues. The purpose of this project is to conceive and implement a plan to utilize and adapt the Dallas High School facility into a hybrid form of preservation and contemporary design.

A sense of time will be created through the manipulation of a historically rooted context and result in a facility that will open outward into the future. An attempt will be made to create an environment that is flexible and receptive, incomplete and unresolved, historical and contemporary.

Sorry for the crappy printscreen image.Formulating a Thesis Statement William McDounough argues that modern architecture is boring. This is a weak thesis. First, it fails to take a stand. Second, the phrase "modern architecture is boring vague.

Landscape architecture thesis statement

interaction and landscape symbolism, Maki's work was very popular with American audiences. OIL RUSH URBANISM planning for when the landscape is quiet again Design Thesis Submitted to the Department of Architecture and Landscape Architecture.

Landscape Architecture

Landscape architecture is the art of planning, designing, maintaining, rehabilitating and preserving the green space and design of man-made constructions.

Landscape architecture degrees focus on topics such as architectural design, site planning, living space design, urban planning, urban design, park planning, regional planning, and historic. Formulating a Thesis Statement William McDounough argues that modern architecture is boring.

Landscape architecture thesis statement

This is a weak thesis. First, it fails to take a stand. Second, the phrase "modern architecture is boring vague. interaction and landscape symbolism, Maki's work was very popular with American audiences. 3 1. INTRODUCTION TO MLA DESIGN THESIS a. Overview This handbook serves as a guide for students who are undertaking a design thesis in the Department of Landscape Architecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

Department of Architecture and Landscape Architecture of North Dakota State University By Statement of Intent _____ 9 A. Typology B. Theoretical Premise/Unifying Idea URBAN GREENWAY RETROFIT Abstract This thesis will examine how greenway systems.

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