Grade and grading curve scenario

With demolition now well and truly underway it is time to rectify this and look at this absolutely vital part of the Thameslink Programme.

Grade and grading curve scenario

Knowing which courses to retake and when is key to getting you into PA school — and sooner, rather than later. Lets say you had a nasty case of mononucleosis that made you sleep through your entire physiology class in college, earning you a dreaded F ow!

You have a cumulative GPA of 2. You should retake classes for PA school to prove that you can do well in them, plain and simple. This is particularly true if you have done poorly in a required course, or, heaven forbid, a required science course.

PA school admissions committees need to know that you have mastered the basic science material on which the PA school curriculum relies. If you get a poor grade in an important class, they will wonder if you can handle that kind of material and if you will have the foundation on which to build.

Speak with an academic counselor. So what do you retake?

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Deciding which courses to retake can be challenging. Courses like anatomy, physiology, microbiology, general or organic chemistry if required are considered foundational.

Next, retake any non-required science course that was over one unit. But if you failed a 3-unit course on evolution, health, etc. Next, retake any English composition course.

If you are a foreign student and English is your weak area, this should be your step 1. To maximize the chance of doing well, retake courses that you struggled with one at a time.

Retaking Classes for PA School – GPA Considerations

In most cases, PA schools care very little where you took a course. If you can choose a better instructor or a better program, do it; the point is to do well at the course.

Some have asked us if they should retake undergraduate courses, or go for an advanced degree, like a Masters in Exercise Physiology or Immunology or other related discipline. Going for such a degree is a major detour from your goal.

Grade and grading curve scenario

Sure taking new courses is more interesting, but what is your goal? Retaking classes is a necessary evil if you have a few courses in which you really underperformed. Retaking them will give you confidence in yourself, and it will give admissions committees the same.Exam questions are super long.

Hard to pick the best answer when everything sounds the same.

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It doesn't matter if you did bad on the midterm and the lengthy writing project because the final exam will help boost your grade or it will throw you down to hell.

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