Do flexible work timings increase the morale and motivation level of employees

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Do flexible work timings increase the morale and motivation level of employees

December 24, Accepted: January 21, Online Published: February 28, doi: This arrangement has been widely practiced in order to create balance between work and lifestyle. The survey questionnaires were used for data collection in this study. Meanwhile, both descriptive and inferential statistics were employed to analyse the data.

Thus, the null hypothesis was rejected. Through this study, opinions, suggestions and comments were discussed to enhance the effectiveness of the working system. This agenda has attracted the attention of various parties, especially among motivational experts and politicians who agreed that this issue should be discussed further in order to improve the balance between work and family.

Do flexible work timings increase the morale and motivation level of employees

Furthermore, previous research proved that the flexible working hours contributed to higher job satisfaction, motivation and employee engagement Mc Nall et al.

Therefore, to increase the employee motivation towards the vision and mission, each organization needs to emphasize on their staff welfare. As a result, the implementation of flexible working hours schedule in Europe in both public and private sectors have contributed to balance the work and family responsibility.

By doing so, the staffs have more suitable time to cater responsibilities towards the family including food, children safety and shopping without any stress De Roure, They also stated that the working time referring to the degree of flexibility, gender equity, negotiation structure and diversity of working time.

However, all staff must be available at the work place within a time frame, such as within Therefore by implementing this system, employees may choose the suitable time to clock-in and clock-out, provided that the total working hours in a day or in a week remains complied Zulkifli et al.

Subramaniam and Selvaratnam pointed out that almost half of women employees in Malaysia faced difficulties of balancing work and their family life. To this regard, the government and private sectors should take note of this issue accordingly. This is because there is an increase in awareness of the quality work relationship for working mothers.

The purposed of this research is to identify the relationship between flexible working hour schedule and staff motivation in XYZ government agency.

The hypothesis for this study is stated as follows: There is no relationship between flexible working hour schedule and staff motivation level. There is a relationship between flexible working hour schedule and staff motivation level. Smith pointed out that working women should have balance between tasks in the office and responsibility to the family especially on safety, health and children needs.

This is due to the fact that they are able to engage for a better coordination between work and responsibilities to the family. This statement is than further supported by Emmott and Hutchinson In fact, the government has agreed for the SWH to be extended to all agencies in the Federal Government throughout the country.

The key objective of this policy is to increase the service quality and extend service duration to the public. As such, employer should play an important role in determining employee satisfaction, comfortability and welfare.

Do flexible work timings increase the morale and motivation level of employees

Cushway argued that the implementation of flexible working hours is an effective stage to increase productivity without increasing the work force. It has been agreed in the Cabinet meeting to give opportunity and extra time for women employees to raise their children without having to quit their job.

Maslow argued that in every individual lives there are five hierarchical essential needs: Furthermore, he later divided the needs into lower level and higher level of needs.

The lower level of needs consists of physiological, safety and social whilst higher level of needs includes esteem and self-actualisation. Managers should understand these psychological processes if they want to be successful in leading the staff towards achieving the organisational objectives.

The something that you obtain from your work impacts your morale, your motivation, and the quality of your life. Here are thoughts about employee motivation, what people want from work, and how you can help employees attain what they need for their work motivation. 14 In my opinion more time spent with the family may increase my motivation level at work. 15 I found that the implementation of SWH provides more time . Flexible working may help improve health and wellbeing and, as a result, reduce absenteeism, increase productivity, and enhance employee engagement and motivation. Plan for fitness and flexibility The main benefit of working flexibly for employees is that it offers the chance to fit other commitments and activities around work and make better.

Herewith, the few elements of motivation:Employees who do their work at home at least two days a week on a computer that is linked to their office.

The spread of telecommuting. The U.S. Department of the Census estimated there had been a 25% increase in self-employed home-based workers from to , and a 20% increase in employed workers who work exclusively from home. How to Motivate Employees to Increase Productivity Mariliza Karrera.

Share. Tweet. remote working on a part-time basis or a flexible work schedule. excited to be part of this initiative as recognising employee contribution is perhaps the quintessential way to increase employee motivation.

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Aug 29,  · Employees simply having the knowledge of support systems is enough to boost morale, but employers can go the extra mile by being willing to provide realistic and flexible work .

Increased employee morale, engagement, In and of themselves, as a positive benefit for employees, flexible work schedules support employee engagement, positive morale, and retention. But, flexible work schedules must operate to meet the needs of the business, too.

There are quite a number of things one can do to build up morale and to increase motivation. First, let's define each term as we are using them. Morale is the general condition of the emotions of each person in the affected organization.

Some volunteered for three-day, hour schedules, with four hours of work on Monday, enabling those employees to be involved in family and school activities during the week.

Flexible Working Hours = Increased Productivity and Engagement