Cgtase thesis

Cyclodextrin glucanotransferases are also applied as catalysts in the synthesis of glycosylated molecules and can act as antistaling agents in the baking industry. To improve the performance of CGTases in these various applications, protein engineers are screening for CGTase variants with higher product yields, improved CD size specificity, etc. In this review, we focus on the strategies employed in obtaining CGTases with new or enhanced enzymatic capabilities by searching for new enzymes and improving existing enzymatic activities via protein engineering. Cyclodextrins were identified in and structurally characterized in the preceding years.

Cgtase thesis

Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, Abstract: This study attempts to trace changes in the dry and wet spells over Peninsular Malaysia based on the daily rainfall data from twenty rainfall stations which include four sub-regions, namely; northwest, west, south and east for the period of to Nine indices for each dry and wet spells comprising of the main characteristics for each spell, the persistency and the frequency of the various length of dry wet spells will be used to identify whether or not these indices have increased over Peninsular Malaysia.

The Mann-Kendall MK trend test indicate that as the persistency of wet days is increased, the trend of the frequency of long wet spells is also found to be increased in most stations over the peninsula; however, decreasing trend is observed in the frequency of short spells in these stations.

The frequency of long dry periods tends to be higher with a significant increase in the mean and variability of the length of the dry spells over the southern areas; whereas, all the indices of wet spells in these areas show a decreasing trend.

Furthermore, over the western areas, all the indices of dry spells exhibit a negative trend and at the same time, the frequency of short wet spells exhibits a negative trend with an increase in the mean, variability and the persistency of the wet spells.

Generally, no significant trend is found in most of the indices of dry wet spells in most stations over the northwestern and eastern areas for the period of to Headquarters Marine Corps, Manpower and Reserve Affairs, this thesis and another, by Captain J.D.

Raymond (Raymond, ), begin the effort to create one forecasting model that will eventually perform the functions of both the FTAP and STAP models.

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Enzymatic Synthesis of Alkyl Glycosides. New Applications for Glycoside Hydrolases Svensson, David LU (). Mark; Abstract The environmental problems caused by human interventions, such as the consumption of non-renewable resources and the emission of greenhouse gases are well-recognised.

Cgtase thesis

The lowest CGTase production was observed at the inferior (− and −1) and superior (+1 and +) levels, where the lowest and highest concentrations of carbon and corn steep liquor are found, respectively.

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Choose a topic; Use short phrases and fill in ALL the fields below. Rebecca Thombre, Ph.D. Thesis, Page 27 Introduction Cyclodextrin glycosyl transferase (CGTase) is a microbial enzyme that generates.

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